Northampton Music 365 Live Sessions – Episode 5

Northampton Music 365 Live Sessions – Episode 5


Last night, Northampton Music 365 was proud to present the fifth episode of the Live Sessions Series. The Live Sessions are a series of videos showcasing local musicians and venues, and are professionally filmed in front of an audience. The Live Sessions project will run for the rest of the lead up to the Northampton Music Festival which will be held in Northampton Town Centre 17th – 19th June 2016.

Episode 5 showcased the talented  Northampton Male Voice Choir and Graham Roberts, a solo classical guitarist and the curator of the NMF Classical Stage 2016.

Northampton Male Voice Choir

The Northampton Male Voice Choir was formed in 1946 and was originally named ‘Northampton Men’s Own Male Voice Choir’. The choirs name was changed in 1980 to what we all now know as ‘Northampton Male Voice Choir’. They were honoured to be presented with the Northampton Coat of Arms Badge, in recognition of the choir’s fund to local charities around Northamptonshire.

Northampton Male Voice Choir  perform in concerts in hope to bring joy and happiness to their audiences, whilst also being able to raise money for their chosen charities. From 2010 to 2013 Northampton Male Voice Choir raised over £30,000 for charities across Northamptonshire.

Graham Roberts

Graham Roberts is a well known solo artist across the UK, mostly known for his classical guitar music. His musical career has seen him travel to Europe, America and Asia! He has performed with various different orchestras such as, The Royal Scottish National Orchestra, London Sinfonietta and the BBC Symphony Orchestra. He has also performed Rodrigo’s Concerto de Aranjuez with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra! Graham  is also the Head of Guitar studies at Radley College and Rugby School. In 2001 he was made the Honorary Associate of the Royal Academy of Music for his fantastic work in his profession.


A big thanks to everybody who worked on the event last night!

  • Sound Engineer – Tom Stilgoe
  • Film Director – Ashley Mckenzie
  • Film Crew – Will Keasler, Alex Nicholson, Michael Fiott
  • Artists – Northampton Male Voice Choir, Graham Roberts